WHG Spring Cross-Quarter Rite!

snowdropDon’t forget: our first rite of 2014 is coming up on February 2nd! Join us at 1 PM on Saturday, January 25th at the Columbia Public Library in the Friends Room for a Celtic-style rite.

Don’t forget to bring a snack or dish to share, and that all attendees will have the opportunity to offer prayers or offerings to the Kindreds.

Note: Please notice the date and time for this event have changed! Check our calendar for details.


It’s official: as of October 31, 2013 we are now White Hawthorn Grove, ADF!

Massive thanks to everyone who assisted in the process of working toward our provisional charter, including all our voting members for helping guide that process, our non-voting members for offering feedback and participation, and to Eric and Amber for assuming roles which were kind of liminal prior to the approval of our charter request.

So what’s next?

Well, we’ve worked hard as a Protogrove to do the work that chartered Groves do: eight open rites a year, quarterly service, monthly meetings, and community outreach. What having a charter means is access to additional resources, like the option of state incorporation, applying for tax exempt status as part of ADF, etc.

In short, we’ve taken root enough we can start to grow a little more, branch out, and reach for the clouds.

I can’t wait to see where we go from here!


Events and Updates!

449px-Common_hawthorn_flowersOctober is a big month for our little Protogrove!

Saturday, October 5: Good Nature’s Fall New Moon Psychic Fair Visit our friends at Good Nature in Alley A in downtown Columbia for music and many opportunities for divination. Reading tickets are $10 each, and some of us will be on hand offering our services.

Sunday, October 6: Alley A Clean-up (Fall Quarter Service Project) Join us for our quarterly service project! This time we’ll be cleaning up Alley A (and possibly some additional nearby spaces). Gloves and bags provided, but please consider bringing a broom and dustpan.

Saturday, October 12: WHPG Monthly Business Meeting Our monthly logistics and planning meeting. All full and local members are welcome to attend.

Wednesday, October 30: Winter Crossquarter (Samhain) Rite and Potluck Join White Hawthorn Protogrove (ADF) to celebrate the Winter Crossquarter with ritual and fellowship at Collins Shelter in Stephens Lake Park! Drums and other instruments are welcome, and attendees are encouraged to bring a dish to share.

Curious about us? Want to join in? Drop us a line at whitehawthorn (dot) como (at) gmail (dot) com, or visit us on Facebook.

Happy Equinox, Pagan Pride, White Hawthorn turns one!

Manawydan confronted by a priestIt’s been a big week for WHPG!

On Thursday we celebrated the Autumnal Equinox with a rite in which we returned to the Welsh pantheon to honor Manawydan fab Llŷr, and to hear the story of the plague of mice from the Mabinogion. Thanks to everyone who made it out — it was great to see everyone! — and congratulations on surviving the Great Full Moon Thunderstorm of 2013.

Omens from the rite were:

lusLus (from the Ancestors): The Honored Dead bless us with the flame and herb of creativity and inspiration. Through them we are given access to our gifts, be they skills in the traditional arts and crafts, to cooking, to our professions. Listen to them and you will be led to find the things that make the work meaningful to you.

onnOnn (from the Spirits of Nature): The Noble Ones bless us with the stability and movement of the chariot. Those who stay may work to fortify their foundations, knowing that the work is blessed. Those who travel will have strong wheels below them.

collColl (from the Deities): The Shining Ones bless us with the hazel of wisdom. Like the salmon, we are given this nourishment of mind and spirit, and taking it in will transform us.

mmppSunday was Mid-Missouri Pagan Pride. Several of us were involved in the festival this year tending booths (Hearthfires, Magickal Nature), and Ci gave a workshop on the origins and styles of modern Druid practice. Big thanks to everyone who came by to visit or participate, and especially to the Mid-Missouri Pagan Pride committee for putting on an incredible fest this year and giving our communities the opportunity to spend some time together in this weekend’s beautiful weather!

Finally, this weekend marks our first anniversary as an ADF Protogrove, and the completion of our first year of ritual together. Thanks and blessings to everyone who has been a part of the journey so far. Without you we would not exist! As we begin our second year, we look forward to new adventures (including completing our efforts toward a Provisional Charter and incorporation). Want to be a part of that journey? Come join us for a rite, a service project, or even a business meeting, and check us out on Facebook.

White Hawthorn is in the news!

Source: Columbia Missourian

Source: Columbia Missourian

We’ll be posting our Summer Solstice follow up soon, but the Columbia Missourian did a profile of our rite as well. You can find it here (subscription required).

The article also features pictures of Andurl officiating, Eric during the purification part of our rite, and a group of us during the ritual.

Thanks to Unho Yi for coming out to cover us, asking great questions, and photographing us while we celebrated the Solstice!

First of May, First of May…

altarWhile we usually try to schedule our rituals for the nearest Thursday to a High Day, this time the only day when we could secure a fire pit was May 1! As it turns out, this was a bit of excellent luck in terms of weather — Wednesday was clear and warm, while Thursday turned out to be wet and cold! — and we had a pretty good turn-out to boot!

While we’ve done rites in public parks before, this one was our first at Stephens Lake Park while the sun was shining, and while others were out and about. While we certainly saw some spectators pause and have a look at what we were doing, nobody seemed interested in disrupting us or being hostile.

In addition to some of our regular attendees, we also had guests from a local coven who sang us a song during the working and joined us for the potluck.

May 1, often called Beltane (after the Irish custom), but also known by many other names like Calan Mai (in Wales) and Giamonios (from the Coligny Calendar), is a celebration of the end of Winter and the beginning of Summer. While modern Pagans often associate the day with sexuality and the generative powers of physicality, it’s also a time for purification and activity.

Here are the Blessings drawn during the omen for this first part of the bright half of the year:

idadFrom the Ancestors, Idad, which speaks of age and memory. As we move into this time of year, the Ancestors bless us with their experience and the wisdom and skill that comes with it. As we go forward, we should be sure to reflect on the lessons we have learned from them, and how those lessons can help us.

collFrom the Spirits, Coll, which speaks of wisdom. Like the Ancestors, the Spirits of Nature are lending us their wisdom. Like the hazel that drops its nut into the pool for the salmon, the Spirits are offering us their lessons easily so long as we are willing to take them in.

ngetalFrom the Gods, nGetal, which is both the wound and charm of the healer. nGetal is the “medicine of the knife” that cuts away or opens up. With this blessing, the Gods are helping us to cut away those things which no longer serve us, that poison us, or that do us harm. We should evaluate which things are toxic or holding us back, and begin the work of cutting them away so that the things which nurture us can thrive.

May 1 was also the deadline to vote on whether or not to adopt our new bylaws, which you can see here.

Service Project: Clean-up Columbia!

cleanupJust a quick shout-out to everyone who came out last Saturday to help us participate in Clean-up Columbia!

Our team gathered over 12 bags of trash in and around Nifong Park, and put in over 13 collective hours of effort. Some of the stranger things we found were a nearly-complete tailpipe, some windows, and a letter from the tooth fairy.

We’re already looking at possibilities for our summer quarter project. Watch this space for more info after May 1st!

White Hawthorn on KBIA, featured on Columbia FAVS!

planningOur friends over at Columbia FAVS — one of the best local sources for religion and spirituality coverage in our area — recently did a nice profile piece on White Hawthorn Protogrove, and our efforts to work toward chartered status within ADF, as well as state incorporation. You can check it out (both in text and audio formats) here.

Thanks again to Evan Townsend for coming to visit with us, and to the whole Columbia FAVS team for their excellent work in sharing our diverse spiritual communities!

Celebrating (a very chilly) Spring!

Charlotte_Guest_RhiannonWe may not have expected Winter Storm Vergil to bring the truly wintry cold when we scheduled last night’s Spring Equinox rite, but I think we all did our best to make things just a little warmer by feeding the hearth at the Burford shelter, dressing in layers, enjoying some gifts (thanks Amber!), and embracing Crock Pot technology.

Our rite this time focused on the story of the courtship between Rhiannon and Pwyll from the first branch of the Mabinogion. The other beings we called upon — Dôn and Arawn — also figure into the Mabinogion; Dôn is the mother of Gwydion (who appears in the Fourth Branch), while Arawn is the lord of Annwn (the Otherworld) to whom Pwyll proves himself over the course of a year. While the stories in the Mabinogion were only written down during the medieval period, and contains clear Christian influences, it is also one of our best sources on the myths passed down among the Welsh from their Iron Age ancestors, many of which have cognates in stories and mythologies from Ireland and elsewhere within the Celtic world. We hope that by honoring this divine couple that the land will prosper around us, and that this spring will be a good one!

Speaking of blessings, our omens last night were:
MuinFrom the Ancient Ones, Muin. This fid (or letter) speaks to us of communication. Muin has multiple meanings, including love, trickery, and esteem. The ancestors give us the gift of communication, but remind us to use that gift wisely.

StraifFrom the Noble ones, Straif. Straif, which means sulfur, describes transformation. As the natural world around us wakes up and transforms out of its sleeping state and into a greener, lusher place, we are also given the power to remake and refine ourselves. Take the time to reflect on what you would like to transform in your life this season, and begin the work.

Emancholl and SailFrom the Shining ones, Emancholl and Sail. Emancholl, the twin hazels, may mean misfortune when it is drawn alone, but most often it intensifies the feda around it. When drawing the omen, a choice was made to call for clarification, and so Sail was also drawn. Sail is the willow that grows near the stream between the worlds. It carries messages from the Otherworlds, and from the ancestors in particular. With Emancholl, it tells us that we should do our best to hear and listen to the messages given us by the Kindreds, and that we should take the time to share our thoughts with them as well. Hear and be heard.

We also announced the results of our recent election. Our interim officers are:

Ci/Christian: Interim Senior Druid (Grove Organizer)
Amber: Interim Pursewarden
Eric: Interim Scribe

These officers will see White Hawthorn through the process of completing our application for a provisional charter and state incorporation, including crafting bylaws, maintaining records, and tracking expenses. These three will hold their positions until our first election as a provisionally chartered grove. More information will be coming soon.

May you be blessed with health, prosperity, and wisdom. (And maybe a nice, warm jacket!)

Blessings, Thanks, and Looking Forward

Brigid's CrossLast night we celebrated our first public rite for the Spring Cross-Quarter, aka Imbolc, where we honored Brigid and asked for her blessings in the coming year. Big thank yous to everyone who attended, and to Amber for composing the rite and officiating!

This next quarter looks to be an exciting one for White Hawthorn. Things to look forward to include our quarterly service project, at least one Donuts & Druidry event, and our Spring Equinox rite. We’ll also be looking at pursuing a provisional charter, which means bylaws and expanding our officer base. We invite all of you who are interested to participate in this process! Just drop a line via the grove e-mail address or on Facebook for more info.

May you be blessed with health, prosperity, and wisdom.


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